Gideon King & City Blog, New York’s Finest

By Antiem Boyd
What happens when you bring together an artist who helped shaped the sound of Steely Dan with other artists who have played with Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock, the Saturday Night Live band, and John Scofield? Gideon King & City Blog happen. Gideon King & City Blog have created a masterful blend of jazz rock and pop fusion. Completely accessible for anyone who likes music with a sense of humor and an easy, intelligent, chilled out vibe.

You’d think with this many artists of these pedigrees, you’d get something pretentious. Far from it. City Blog’s self-titled new album (and what had to have been an awesome time in the studio) is a fun and shimmering collaboration of crazily experienced musicians.

If there’s something weird about the album, it’s that you’re hearing an authentic recording made by real musicians who help other artists make their music. Gideon King & City Blog features bass legend James Genus (Herbie Hancock, Daft Punk, Saturday Night Live band), upright bassist Matt Penman, drummers Donald Edwards and Willard Dyson, keyboardist Kevin Hays (John Scofield, Brad Mehldau), saxophone great Donny Mccaslin.

Gideon King & City Blog also features vocalist Marc Broussard who is perfect for the material. The excellent blend of voices also come from Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan), Grace Weber, Elliott Skinner (Third Story), and Saul Kurtz.

New York City is one of the main players on the record. The album feels very much like NYC. A pure skyline and cinemascape where the listener can get lost, dive into a late night club, or spend some time with old friends on a rooftop. Whatever the record conjures for you is up to your mind. Gideon King & City Blog are fine with that.

Lead Electric, acoustic, and synth guitars: Gideon King
Electric and upright bass: James Genus
Upright Bass: Matt Penman
Piano: Kevin Hays
Drums: Willard Dyson
Drums: Donald Edwards
Saxophone and Flute: Donny Mccaslin
Trumpet: Andy Gravish
Vocals: Grace Weber, Marc Broussard, Elliott Skinner, Saul Kurtz, Carolyn Leonhart, Gideon King
Background Vocals: Carolyn Leonhart, Grace Weber, Matt Powell, Gideon King, and Elliott Skinner
Various noises: Gideon King

Gideon King & City Blog Production:
Mixed and Mastered at No Bad Music Studio
Recorded at:
Strange Weather Studio
Jungle City Studios
Grand Street Recording
No Bad Music Studio

Gideon King & City Blog Tracklisting:
1. City Blog
2. See In Double
3. Down
4. Friendship Cliché
5. What Say You
6. Glide
7. Dirty Bastard
8. Just Play
9. Broken Noise