Giant Flying Turtles: Waltz To The World

By Stephen Chow

I imagine the guys from Giant Flying Turtles, on their Waltz To the World Tour, rambling around the country in a large crazy bus full of tapestries, flashing lights, and David Lynch like food items. If that’s not true, I don’t want to know about it.

Giant Flying Turtle’s music is hard to describe but incredibly fun. It’s like if Peter Gabriel had a baby Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at a honky tonk bar in Brooklyn and Nick Cave was the midwife.

Although, the album is officially listed under the rockabilly, prog rock, alternative, Americana, blues, swing, bluegrass, and folk categories. I think my record bin labeling is cooler.

Whatever you want to call it, Calvin Bennett, Johnny Young, TJ Jordan, and Jim Toscano had a hell of a time making Waltz To The World. At least that’s what it seems like. There’s a certain 80s feel to certain tracks such as “No Turning Back” and “Stay Out Late.” Then you’ve got the down home thwang of “Banjo.” There’s all of the things happening here.

It’s a ride, with lots of dips and side roads. Take it with you. Even if you’re just headed out to the grocery store.

Calvin Bennett: Vocals, upright bass, guitars, cello
Johnny Young: Vocals, piano, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars
TJ Jordan: Guitars, vocals
Jim Toscano: Drums, percussion

Waltz To The World Playlist:

01. No Turning Back
02. Stay Out Late
03. The Devil and Me
04. One of a Kind
05. River Runs Dry
06. Train Song
07. Three Shades of Blue
08. Hold the Flag
09. Banjo
10. Good To Be Alive
11. Waltz to the World