Ghostly Beard: Going Away

By Addison Coleman

Described as an “enigmatic visionary Ghostly Beard pens emotive prog-pop. From the vaults of his prismatic what history he issues a clutch of albums.” To my knowledge he has never been seen by the public, making him appear intriguing and mysterious.

However, there is nothing abstruse about Patrick Talbot’s newest single “Going Away” off his soon to be released album Inward. It’s a happy, carefree song about an impending journey or vacation with enormously complicated guitar hooks.

The Montreal-based singer, songwriter, and producer has a prolific way of expressing relevant themes, poignant topics, and a deep passion for music as evidenced by the other tracts on his album. Although the other songs seem to be slightly more dark and ominous with topics more heavily projected than this latest single, the album as a whole is entertaining and well produced.

One thing I can definitely say about the artist is that his style is unique making this an essential download. I have also come to understand he thrives on helping and supporting other indie artists which in itself makes Ghostly Beard a valuable commodity to the music world.

Check out the new music video for “Going Away” by Ghostly Beard: