Galen James and Compendium’s Big Blue Mixtape

By Antiem Boyd

analogGalen James and his band Compendium’s Big Blue Mixtape is a sexy beast of an album, jam packed with lots of ebb and flow of many tempos and layers. There’s a lot to like. The record spans across several genres, all made with analog love. From the first track to the 20th, you’re getting a well rounded rundown of jazz, pop, world, and what I like to call make-out music.

James, a singer, songwriter, and producer, is born of music. Early encouragement saw him through to proper training and guidance. James took his own path after that, creating music for himself which just so happened to quickly draw others in. The emphasis being on the creating.

James is an artist who is ever expanding his vision and direction. Big Blue Mixtape captures this. There’s also the choice of analog that producer Doug Messenger, guitar player for Van Morrison, brings to the table with many tracks recorded live and whole. The record moves in and out of modes and moods with James’ chameleon voice smoothly sailing along.

Easy, atmospheric, and just the right mix.

Stand Out Tracks:

“African” – Channeling a little Brandon Boyd in the vocals
“Night Music (Live)” – Smooth and upbeat
“Take You There (Remix)”
“Yes (Remix)“

Members / Instruments:
Bass, Drums, Guitar, keyboard, Trumpet, Sax, Vocals

Doug Messenger. Co-Produced by Galen.

Big Blue Mixtape Tracklisting:

1. African 6/8
2. Stars (Live)
3. Body Karate
4. The Other Me (Live)
5. Yes (live)
6. Night Music (Live)
7. Without a Care (Live)
8. Looking Back
10. Flood
11. If You Feel You
12. Stars (Live)
13. Take You There (Live)
14. Bird
15. How To Find You
16. How To Find You (Live)
17. Take You There (Remix)
18. What I’d Do (Remix)
19. I Wish You Well
20. Yes (Remix)