GaBso: Made Me Wanna Change My Name

By Lisa Waugh

He’s huge in Israel and kind of looks like a more attractive Dave Grohl (no offense, Dave, I love you) and GaBso’s new album is pretty much spectacular. Made Me Wanna Change My Name demonstrates the EDM artist’s skillful way of pulling in a listener.

He writes and sings from the heart as he’s done for 14 years. You can’t help but get swallowed up by his messages, his charm, and his talent.

In 2003 at the age of 18, GaBso started out on Kochave Nolad, Israel’s American Idol, and crushed it. Since then he’s churned out the hits, his career gaining momentum with every year.

He’s also gotten political in his music, despite the delicate climate in Israel. Instead of drawing criticism, the young artist has been celebrated for taking on the hard topics. Perhaps it’s because GaBso has deeply pondered Judaism. He’s studied, meditated, lived in a group settlement, and he’s challenged long-held ideas about the faith and culture.

But GaBso is not all serious. He can turn his sharp mind in many directions. He allows himself to play and enjoy life. Made Me Wanna Change My Name is a full experience. Each track is a pure delight. Listen. You’ll enjoy it.

Omri Agmon – Additional production, vocals, and instruments

Omri Agmon – Producing, Mixing
Pieter De Wagter – Mastering

1. Where I’ll Put My Shoes
2. All In My Hand
3. Words Words Words Words
4. Made Me Wanna Change My Name
5. 789