G2P is Here to Kick 2015 Off Right, Ya’ll

This is the time of year that I like to throw shit out. Socks, friends full of drama, that weird sauce we made to put on the ham. What the hell was that anyway?

And it’s also a time when I purge my music and update my swirl with cool, new stuff. So as I clean out things I downloaded while drunk, I can soberly tell you that G2P is a good start to freshening up your shuffle.

G2P: Sterling Siegfried, Nathaniel Shepherd and Matt Mallory

G2P: Sterling Siegfried, Nathaniel Shepherd and Matt Mallory

This Tampa, Florida band will make you feel like you are planted on a SoCal beach. There’s Red Hot Chilis sprinkled with Incubus – when they were relevant – with a side of Sublime. But G2P’s sound is certainly inspired by the other coast. Either way, you can get lost in the waves of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific.

As I rock G2P’s self-titled album in my office/backyard near the fire pit in my parka (hey, it’s cold for Cali), it’s good to hear a band that sounds like summer. The funkiest of funk, the rasta sway of reggae and the ballsy throb of punk. It’s a hard blend to perfect. Many have tried but it’s not an easy thing to pull off. G2P have come to their sound quite seamlessly.

The band has put the time in, tirelessly writing, touring and recording. The record is polished but not too much. It’s dirty enough to be delightful and smooth enough to be radio friendly.

Most notable is “Scream,” a track with some impressive Dio-like riffs. Fast, furious and that metallish punk I mentioned. It’s also lets out and soars mid break.

“Rain” has a lovely, dramatic turntable bounce with some awesome thrash. You really can’t go wrong with any of the tracks on G2P.

So as you try to remove that pesky Dream Academy track from your iTunes playlist, just remember to make room for G2P.

G2P Members/Instruments:
Nathaniel Shepherd -Guitars and Lead Vocals
Sterling Siegfried – Drums and vocals
Matt Mallory – Bass and vocals

Production: Capitol USA

G2P tracklisting:

1. Animals
2. Walk Away
3. Me
4. Purge
5. Scream
6. Rain