Make Your Own Greenlight

A lot of people ask you for money to make their horrible short film about an international zombie spy ring (wait, that’s actually not a bad idea) or their banjo jazz fusion album (Bela Fleck already did it, now knock it off) but sometimes… people are awesome and talented at what they do.

Here are our recent top choices for funding a worthy cause on Kickstarter:


Queens: A Documentary

This is a story about a pageant with sashes, gowns and crowns… but no bathing suits.
This is a pageant for women over 60.

QUEENS follows three senior-aged women gearing up for the Miss Senior America – New York pageant. But it’s not just about the pageant, it’s about these amazing women.

Why They Need You:

This documentary adventure started as a class assignment. It was supposed to be a quirky and light 20-minute piece. But, after months of reporting and shooting, our feature transformed into a touching and inspiring movie.

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Nobodies, Volume 2

A comic book anthology with original stories by relatively unknown comic creators from around the world.

This comic anthology is a full color 150 page perfect bound comic by comic creators from all around the world. Creators contribute all new original stories to the book to go with our theme of “nobodies.” We want to create art because we love it. We aren’t scared of the bumps and bruises (that comes with the territory). We’re here to make the work we want to read. There are no restrictions and anything goes.

This anthology is used to be a platform for relatively unknown comic creators to come together and show everyone else in the industry that we aren’t meant to be taken lightly and we’re here to stay.

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The Beacon

Help these talented filmmakers fulfill their journey in telling the story of love, lost and found.


Just passed twilight. A tender sun departs just beyond the horizon of a midnight sea. Stars peek about from a nearly black sky. Full moon this night… At a close distance on the shore, is a lighthouse. For now… the lighthouse rests.

We are inside at the base of the lighthouse. Looking up, a door is open. A smooth climb up the twisty staircase leads toward the opening at the top. But we stop. Why? Why do we stop? What captures our attention is a sensitive light that has come aflame just outside. Its welcoming. Someone is there. We creep up the stairs and out the opening.

We circle the platform. We see the land… continue… the rocky beach… continue… the ocean… continue… out of the corner of our eye… very close… a lantern is lit and hanging on the wall. A young gentleman sits next to it in a tuxedo with the tie undone. His face is aglow with a few origins of light… the sun – the moon – the lantern. He ganders out to the sea with a smile as he grasps a bottle of champagne. A wedding ring resides on his left ring finger. Just as he looks up toward us…

We transform to his point of view… revealed is the bride in a simple white, dress holding a small bouquet of flowers. A wedding ring resides on her left ring finger. On their special night, she looks in a word… ethereal. She peers at the lantern, then to her husband. The young lady descends toward her man. Sits next to him. They dont touch. Inspecting their rings. Giddy with all the excitement in the world.

What a night, huh?.

Yes. What a night.

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Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, a game that is, simply put, a cultural phenomenon.

Whether you know it or not, you may be playing Dungeons & Dragons. Any computer game you play, any role-playing game you play, any online profile you fill out, have their elements and DNA rooted in Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a game that has had far-lasting, powerful and yet subtle influence in our culture.

From its humble beginnings in a basement in Lake Geneva, WI, D&D was created by a group of game enthusiasts and game designers. The story of D&D and its creation spans four decades and is a complicated, heart-breaking story. Imagine “The Social Network”, the creation of Facebook, but no one ends up rich. This is a cautionary tale of an empire built by friends and lost through betrayal, enmity, poor management, hubris and litigation.

Dungeons & Dragons is a game beloved by its fans. A game that brings family and friends together, creates communities, societies and sub-cultures. D&D teaches. We have heard countless stories of gamers who have delved deeper, studying history, language, science and math purely for the desire to be better players. Gamers have created lifelong friendships because of this game and come in all walks of life; firefighters, educators, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, and yes, even a few documentary film-makers.

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