Free Willy: Remember the Alamo

By Rick Gonzales

W.B. Jones formed Free Willy when he was ready to get his latest batch of songs out to the world. He went to friend and fellow musician, engineer, and producer Jim Taylor and together they found some of the best musicians in deep East Texas. Jones and Taylor brought Spence Peppard, Kevin Carter, and Steve DeVries to Taylor’s studio, The Mixing Room, in Nacogdoches Texas, and magic ensued.

Remember the Alamo is a wonderful record filled with beautiful music, heartfelt and expertly written lyrics, and vocals as smooth as honeyed wine. This group has been busy making music for several decades so what may sound like easy brilliance is a matter of years of fine tuning their craft. Good music is also about knowing yourself. These musicians also found an instant connection.

Jones had a definite vision for the record. He said that Free Willy’s sound comes from the lead instruments “playing over top of each other on the breaks” rather than a box car approach where they “take turns.” He placed lead breaks throughout the songs, even during the vocals.

Remember the Alamo is uplifting and inspiring. Jones shares his wisdom in a comforting steady manner. He also shares his triumphs and failures and particularly his even-keel point of view. The record is a terrific experience.

Free Willy Members:

W.B. Jones – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jim Taylor – Back-up vocals, bass
Spence Peppard – Back-up vocals, lead guitar, drums, lead vocal on “American Medley”
Kevin Carter – Fiddle, mandolin
Steve DeVries – Banjo, harmonica

Production: Jim Taylor recorded, mastered, and produced the album at his studio, The Mixing Room, in Nacogdoches, TX.

Remember the Alamo:

01. Amazing Gracie
02. Get in the Car
03. God Has a Name
04. Not Your Everyday Love Song
05. As a Man Thinketh
06. Another Day Another Dollar
07. It’s Good If You Like It
08. Meant to Be
09. Sugar Baby
10. Down the Track
11. Remember the Alamo
12. Medley: The Star Spangled Banner / America the Beautiful