Fire to the Stars

Fire to the Stars: The Death Ride

By Lisa Waugh

fireWe live in a world of screens. We want and need to be engaged. So when an artist fully unlocks all of the power of audio and video, you know they’re doing it right.

Fire to the Stars didn’t just make a video in support their new record Made of Fire, they also made a short film with the video living inside it. The Death Drive is beautifully shot and directed. Michael Bourne and Kyle V James directed the film. James stars along with Mallori Taylor.

The film depicts a man dealing with self-induced heartache. The narration, the flow of self-destruction, and the provocative highs and lows of the narrative are a force. “Stay Down” opens with the image of a man lighting himself on fire while the lyrics drift out over the flames.

Superb music. Excellent direction. Beautifully shot. A must watch.

Fire to the Stars Members:
Daniel Beekman
Petter Bertilsson
Chloe Davies
Cat Tyson Hughes
Jim McDonald
Tim Spelman

“Stay Down”

Directors: Kyle V James & Michael Bourne
Moonflower Productions

Kyle V James: Director, editor, vfx
Michael Bourne: Director, Cinematographer
Starring Kyle V James & Mallori Taylor