FilmBreak… The New Kid in Town

Lisa Waugh

So you’re totally immersed in all of the social media platforms. You’re a Kickstarter and IndieGoGo guru. You can pretty much teach a master class on how to write, shoot and post your own projects. It’s a long road to distribution and your film, web series or TV pilot is not going to market itself.

Nearly 30,000 films are produced in the world each year

Just in time to stave off your nervous breakdown or at the very least a prolonged hissy fit… welcome to

FilmBreak claims to go beyond the crowdfunding platforms and create a space and opportunity to network with industry backers. The new age of self-distribution may put the control in the hands of the creator but a glut of projects flooding the net and market place has automatically harkened the need for the right marketing placement. Aggregators can help.

FilmBreak hopes to solve four major challenges for filmmakers: connections, financing, promotion and distribution by putting the marketing first. It also aims to be the world’s largest virtual studio. Using a Hype Meter (an audience aggregation tool) and the FilmBreak Score, the filmmaker can quickly test the agility of their project, at least throughout the FilmBreak community, and gain access to potential backers and distribution.

FilmBreak FAQs

Who are the investors on FilmBreak?

“FilmBreak has a growing number of accredited investors, including individuals and private institutions, in our online marketplace. They are either invisible or identifiable with an Investor Badge beside their profile picture. FilmBreak is specifically interested in investors who have a track record of investing in films but is open to approving investors who are passionate about film and want to get involved in the industry.”

FilmBreak puts marketing first… something the studios have mastered

What percentage of my film will investors take?

“The specific terms of each investment happen offline and are entirely between the filmmaker and the investor. There are no set terms laid out by FilmBreak making each investment entirely reliant on the two parties involved.”

Is FilmBreak a crowdfunding platform?

“No. Unlike sites like Kickstarter or IndieGogo, FilmBreak is not a crowdfunding platform. We believe the future of film finance is through an online marketplace that allows filmmakers to raise more money than is currently possible through crowdfunding platforms. In fact, we encourage filmmakers to build their audience through FilmBreak and then optionally use that audience to raise funds for a trailer through a site like Kickstarter.”

“You must explore all the avenues”

Filmmaker Domenico Grasso first heard about the project through a post of mine on Facebook. Grasso, a native of Iocri, Italy, got his start with Angels and Demons and later moved to Los Angeles to continue his filmmaking career. He’s giving FilmBreak a try. “It’s hard to break in so I look at every opportunity to put my work out there whether it be to potential producers or directly to an audience.”

Grasso has just completed the first in a unique serial storyline focusing on a spirit or an atom trying to find its neutron. His project, Link Me Up, is currently in production and recently listed with FilmBreak. His attitude is a wait and see. “You must explore all the avenues to get your work out there. I’m always about trying something new as long as it doesn’t compromise my work.”

FilmBreak Co-Founder Taylor McPartland

Early adopters may find some unique perks for their projects before FilmBreak becomes popular and the competition thick but that may simply be my misperception. FilmBreak Co-Founder and President Taylor McPartland says that if your film is well made, a crowded playing field won’t matter. “If you have a quality film that people will connect with, our service is a crucial way for the filmmaker to advance.”

The FilmBreak Score is determined by several factors: the filmmaker reaching out through social media to draw people to their FilmBreak listing, having people Hype their project and other criterion determined by industry professionals inside the company. Fans can Hype the films they like and help their overall Score.

Anyone can join FilmBreak for free but filmmakers can also pay for additional services. We’ll track certain projects through FilmBreak in the coming months and see how they fare. Stay tuned…