Felinez So Real

By Lisa Waugh
Felinez likes to build tracks from the ground up. He creates from a dark and surrealistic place with hypnotic results. Driving melodies, thunderous drums, excellent track titles, cutting his own path, his own way. You’re compelled to follow, not knowing if danger or pleasure lies ahead. With So Real, we’re inside Felinez’s lab somewhere in the darkest corner of his mind.

The young artist launched his career in 2012, . Inspired by techno and electronic music, Felinez appears to be in the discovery phase of his sound. That’s not to say he hasn’t created his own mark already. It merely means, something is bubbling up, perpetually germinating.

Each track on So Real is a mini life force. An industrial hammer. Felinez is at the controls, building to a crescendo, jumping to the next thought, and leaving an impressive imprint. There’s a mastermind at work here. Can’t wait to see what emerges from this artist’s sub basement next.

“My Dog”

So Real Tracklisting:
1. Dead Man Crawling
2. From the Deak
3. I’m Untouchable but I’m Forcing You to Feel Me
4. Ferris Wheel
5. Vamp
6. One Threw Seven