‘Eugene’ is goste’s World

Brooklyn’s goste (Owen Ross) has created a cool little joint with his latest and third project, Eugene. Eugene feels like a city about 2000 years after an apocalypse where things were fucked up for a while but now, we’re aight. At least that’s my very loose interpretation of the images that Eugene produces.

goste is one of those artists setting a new tone for me in 2015. Unorthodox and engagingly odd, Eugene is a combination of what music is becoming, genre-less. And that’s very freeing for the artist and listener alike.

goste (Owen Ross)

goste (Owen Ross)

With a powerful lead track, “Loadedlikeapistol,” goste shows you just what he’s about; a producer who uses experimental electronic music, his own vocals instead of samples and an offbeat approach to heartfelt lyrics.

Ethereal and surreal but never offputting, Eugene is what you get when you blend Tom Waits and Reggie Watts with Helado Negro. A fresh approach to experimental music. And unexpected walk down an alley where weird but cool things happen.

goste is an artist for the serious music listener but he’s not trying to take himself too seriously. Again, my take on his intent. There seems to be a twist of urban and cinematic irony running through the record but at the core of Eugene, goste is completely sincere.

goste performs solo but does enlist other talent…

Eugene features:
Chris Holdridge (Drums)
Bryan Percivall (Bass)
Megan Lui and Tamsin Wilson on Background Vocals

When goste does full band shows, Chris and Bryan play with Owen as well as Will Szabo (live production).

Produced by: goste (Owen Ross)

Eugene tracklisting: 

1. Volcanoes (Slow Fade)
2. Loadedlikeapistol
3. Hold On / Let Go
4. Omar’s Ghost
5. Won’t Be Long
6. Single File

Loadedlikeapistol (live @Converse Rubbertrack)

goste “Alligators” (live in studio) ft. Keenan O’Meara and M. Lui