Enter the Dragon: The Vigilance Committee’s ‘Exit a Hero’

by Stephen Chow 

The Vigilance Committee Exit a Hero

The Vigilance Committee: Peter J. Scoma, Phil Coros, Christian Cepeda and Jesse Asch

The Vigilance Committee: Peter J. Scoma, Phil Coros, Christian Cepeda and Jesse Asch

The Vigilance Committee’s new record Exit a Hero hits the ground running with an exciting opening tune, “Set the Pacific on Fire.” And the record never lets up, entertaining from one beat to the next. We played the album in the car on the way to our surf spot the other day and Exit a Hero was the perfect soundtrack.

The indie punk quartet from Long Island manages to sound like they hail from some northern town in England one second, a recording studio somewhere in California in the ‘70s and then a gritty punk show, the next.

The Vigilance Committee have taken their six+ years together to craft a sound that is polished yet gritty early prog rock and punk. There’s a cohesiveness that makes this kind of quality and unique sound. Fans of supremely good music will add anything this band does to their collection. So good. So damn good.

Let’s talk about each track of Exit a Hero:

“Taking What’s Mine” feels like if Yes started a punk band. The instrumentation is effortless. “186” sounds like one of the those B-sides on a Mars Volta single but should actually be the lead single. It’s a track that travels. “Villains” slows down to a dark and ethereal ballad. Gorgeously harmonious with a edges of discord. It’s a standout track.

“Physics of Form” is a bubbling, dangerous brooding song, demonstrating The Vigilance Committee’s agile music making.

“Expositor” demonstrates is the best song on the record in our opinion. Powerful, floating and masterful.

“Montgomery” is a big song, full or prog power. Super strong.

“Reflections II” is infectious and simply beautiful. It’s got this Wes Anderson kind of feel to it.

“Vigilantes” is a rock romp, guitar riffs soar. Unusual and really fun. Almost rock operai-sh.

Perhaps the strongest track on the record is the last and title track “Exit a Hero.” Marvelous. Packed with all good things; a gorgeous melody, fantastic lyrics and the pure essence of The Vigilance Committee.

The Vigilance Committee Members/Instruments:
Peter J. Scoma – guitar and vocals
Phil Corso – drums and vocals
Christian Cepeda – guitar, keyboard and vocals
Jesse Asch – bass and vocals

Exit a Hero was produced by The Vigilance Committee and J. Robbins

Exit a Hero Tracklisting:
Set the Pacific on Fire
Taking What’s Mine
Physics of Form
Reflections II
Exit a Hero

“Set the Pacific on Fire”