Enjoy the Harvest of Robot Garden

By Stephen Chow
Robot Garden’s self-titled album sounds like a lunar western film score and a record that Quentin Tarrantino would listen to on the way to set. Decidedly pop rock, Franz Ferdinandzy, and a bit The Strokesy, Robot Garden seem to be deadly serious about landing square in the middle of space indie rock. Who says we can’t make up genres?

There’s also a controlled speed rock thing happening on Robot Garden. And a flare of the ‘70s retro reimagined. All of Robot Garden is purely entertaining and humorous. Always a welcomed combination

Every track is radio ready, but not packaged. Never slick. Sharp, though. There’s a nice ratio of ballads, power anthems, and solid indie rock. Stand out tracks are “I Want to Know,” “Fountain of Youth,” and the reggae-esque “Alien Don’t Take My Sheep.” The latter serves as a friendly PSA to otherworldly visitors. Seriously, the sheep don’t like space. “Sissyfuzz” wins for simply existing. Plus, it’s a good song.

Robot Garden is worth putting in your ear bank. You’ll appreciate the majority of the tracks when they roll around. You might even crack a smile and sing along.

Robot Garden Members / Instruments:

Andrés “Wing” Aloi – Guitar/Vocals
Guillermo Porro – Bass
Eduardo Giardina – Drums

Recorded at Estudio MCL in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Produced and mixed by Guillermo Porro
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

Robot Garden Tracklisting:

1. Control
2. Fountain of Youth
3. Alien Don’t Take My Sheep Away
4. Manchester Blue
5. I Want To Know
6. Sissyfuzz
7. Black Hole
8. Penelope Derailed
9. The Fly
10. Black Wolf