Emeline’s “Angel” and the Point of Savage Youth

By Georgia Waters

Emeline is an exciting new artist who’s making a big splash with her latest single “Angel.” The Rhode Island native has been creating and performing since she was in the second grade and her rise in the music world is no surprise. Her voice is pure and soaring, but it’s her swagger that gets your attention.

Emeline embraces the fact that this generation of teens lives via social media. And that they are constantly evaluating and being evaluated, many times with negative and gut-wrenching results. Betrayal is one scroll or swipe away with retribution played out in real life. Allegiances are made and broken. Bells are rung that can’t be unrung. Word missiles are launched. Relationships lay in ruin, only to be reforged in a text thread the next day.

At the end of “Angel,” her character emerges triumphant, confident, and beholding only to herself. On the surface, we’re at a pool party, rife with drama. But that would be missing the point. These are not silly antics. It’s the journey of a young woman who ultimately looks to herself as a savior.

Emeline is a powerful young voice who is very well aware of her message and audience. It’s artists such as Emeline who are shaping the conversation for the next generation. Savvy, ironic, and savage.