‘Elysium’ Is Another Reason Why the Blockbuster Must Die

By Lisa Waugh

Elysium. What a mess.

The movie starts out fine enough with some pretty disturbing and sometimes amusing ways that the world is going shit house but it screeches to a halt after Matt Damon’s character is exposed to a lethal dosage of radiation because of his over the top, shitty boss.

Neill Blomkamp had a great idea for an ending and then ordered up a winding mess that did not lead up to that great ending.

“Hey, Harry. I’ll use a 50 lens to suck in this scene with Mr. Damon.”

Please listen. Your audience is sophisticated. They do not need 1994 plot lines and dialogue. Take the fucking time to be clever and build your story.

To quote reviewer Adam Nayman of The Globe and Mail, who gave Elysium a generous 1 and a half stars, “One of Blomkamp’s most unlikely conceits is a machine – apparently standard-issue in all of Elysium’s made-to-order McMansions – that can heal all injuries and infections at the flick of a switch. He could have used one to fix Elysium’s battered and broken screenplay.”

There are so many gaps in this plot, Matt Damon had time to leave and make 5 other movies in between them.

Also, please stop using that shaky camera shit. I’m sure your cinematographer is skilled enough to work with a stunt coordinator to work out action shots. I’m sure your actors can handle moving around in a way that is exciting so that you don’t have to rely on vomit-inducing shaky-as-shit camera work. And please leave out the strobe light FX as well. Like Jesus fuck.

And what’s with the sound? Did you screw your location sound mixer and force the guy to shoot in a wind tunnel? Did Foster hate her original accent and decide to replace it with the terrible one we ended up with? You know what sound guys do, right?

People want to see well made, well thought out films. They need not be full of FX, scene chewing, stupid nonsense plot lines, stars, and mumbling or accents so thick and over dubbed that the audience doesn’t know what’s happening.

Come on, everyone. This is why you’re losing the big blockbuster battle. This dog shit, along with Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel, Oblivion, the list could go and on…just shows that Hollywood and its team of minions and lap dogs will fade away. And good riddance. You’ve had your run.