Electra Day: Quiet Hours

By Antiem Boyd

If you’re in serious need of some deep inner traveling, Electra Day’s latest project Quiet Hours is here just in time. As you take in the soothing and contemplative tracks of the record, here’s a little bit about the artist. The face and voice behind Electra Day is Julia Hampton. The name is more than a front facing stage moniker for Hampton.

“The name Electra Day is a name I have been using for my own personal writings since college days when I learned that my parents were going to give me this name but then chose Julie instead. Recently, I have learned that Electra Day was actually my great-grandmother,” Hampton explained.

Hampton’s soulful voice is a layered flood of longing and connection, a river flowing above her acoustic guitar. Her music is a place to rest, think, and plan. And it seems that her goal very well may be to share a common state of mind or at the very least, to seek one with the listener.

Quiet Hours reflect’s on Hampton’s extensive journey across the U.S. and Europe. She’s gathered stories of love, loss, wonder, and a pragmatism to all therein.

Hampton as Electra Day beckons:

“I have been down the length of that old railroad track
From Boulder to Oblivia
And I know in my heart I must never never go back
Nothing from nothing can return”

Go on, we’re listening.

Production: Tim Britton of Pied Piper Productions, Fairfield IA

1. Big Sky
2. Falcon’s Gaze
3. Romance of the Stars
4. Not Against It Or For
5. From Boulder to Oblivia
6. Ferry Song
7. Endlessly
8. October Nights
9. Old Blind Couple