Edward & Graham “Menomonee Road”

By Jeremo Lands

I like this quote from Johnny Edward, one-half of Edward & Graham: “These are songs for the person who doesn’t want to admit they like country and for the country fan that needs something fresh and exciting.” I know a lot of those people. I’m one of them. Out in public, I’m frontin’ Childish Gambino and Massive Attack. In private, I’ve got quite the Lyle Lovett and Merle Haggard collection. I’m not ashamed of it, but it’s just not something you’d expect of me.

But if you’re an honest-to-belt buckle country-chugging son/daughter of a so-n-so, you’ll like Edward & Graham’s smooth as silk “Menomonee Road.” They make country music look and sound easy. Not an accident.

Evan Graham Dunn and Johnny Edward go back. Dunn produced and performed on Edward’s solo records. Both have toured extensively with Dunn doing some serious time in metal. Edward not straying too far from outlaw music while diving into many genres.

When the two came together for this project, well, seems like it clicked. They aim to produce some music that sounds as fine as perfectly aged whisky that’ll knock you on your ass. Stay tuned.

“Menomonee Road”

Johnny Edward: Vocals, guitar
Evan Graham Dunn: Vocals, guitar

Evan Graham Dunn