Eddy Yang: “Split the Night”

By Stephen Chow

I’ll hand it to young blood Eddy Yang, he’s flinging himself out there. That’s brave and it’s more than a lot of people do. What is it they say, “Showing up is 80% of life.”

Yang’s single “Split the Night” is a bit on the raw side but I like this kid’s Springsteen-like swoop at the end of a line. He put together the single himself, calling upon his influences such as The Velvet Underground, Television, Chvrches, and the Boss himself.

The lyrics reveal a real talent and drive in the native Angeleno. A quirky romantic nerd ballad. I can hear this playing under a scene in a movie where a couple is jumping a fence, pants down, ankle running down a rain-swept street, laughing, holding hands. The whole bit.

The couple is Asian because me and Eddy are Asian. There’s awkward kissing at the end of the scene. La La Land if it were set in Chinatown or at least Koreatown. Yang’s fresh. He’s new, and if he keeps at it, he’ll make his mark.