Dylan Tauber: Sounds from Space

By Lisa Waugh

Dylan Tauber lives on a distant planet where a sci-fi thriller noir is in full swing. At least that’s what I get from his latest work Sounds from Space, a gorgeous atmospheric synthy electronic album.

The multi-media artist has perfected painting imagery with sound and across these 15 tracks, he’s created a master wide of the heavens in all of its mysterious awe. This is his 12th electronica album.

Tauber describes Sounds from Space as a “cyber-spiritual revolution.” He’s plumbed the depths and come away with an altogether haunting echo. Vocalists Enlia and Francessca Belisario add a kind of Fifth Element beauty to Tauber’s work.

Each piece seamlessly into the other taking the listener on an odyssey. Tauber has designed a journey that pulses, ripples, and super novas. It’s a great record to relax to, de-stress, or simply detach from the weight of the day.

A wholly enjoyable work.

Sounds from Space Tracklist

1. 11:18:16
2. Clouds (feat. Enlia)
3. Lost on Mars (feat. Enlia)
4. 12-16-16
5. 12-16-16 – 2
6. Take Me to Space (feat. Francessca Belisario)
7. Reaching the Stars (feat. Enlia)
8. What’s In Your Heart (feat. Francessca Belisario)
9. Take Me to Space (In Hebrew)
10. Carmen Song
11. He Loves Carmen (feat. Francessca Belisario)
12. He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)
13. Abandoned Planet (feat. Enlia)
14. Space Groove
15. Dolphin Cry 2.0 Vocal Mix

Producer: Dylan Tauber