dsfečo Stops Down to Make Music His Way with ‘Watch It Sparkle’

by R.B. Sloane

dsfečo: Watch It Sparkle

David Fetcho performs as dsfečo, the Slovak spelling of his last name

David Fetcho performs as dsfečo, the Slovak spelling of his last name

If Pee-Wee Herman, Talking Heads, and Highlander had an experimental love baby, you’d have a very good idea of what dsfečo’s new solo EP Watch It Sparkle sounds like. Veteran music maker, David Fetcho has provided music for theatre, radio, and many creative endeavors for other artists for over five decades but it’s his time to shine now. And he’s going to shine in his own weird and wonderful way.

His work as dsfečo reveals a composer completely set on making new grooves.

“All I know is, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible in putting what I see into these songs, as well as composing music that tries something a little different in its structure. There used to be the idea that popular music has, and is, a power that can pull back the curtain a bit on what’s going on behind the scenes in our world. I still hope for that, which is why I’ve made this EP.” — David Fetcho aka dsfečo

The result is a crazy thrill ride, half spoken, irresistible melodies. Appealing and merry maddening discord. All planned, all organic and out of the mind of a man who certainly knows how to paint a picture. It’s theatre. It’s storytelling. dsfečo’s music is its own small magic and commands that you sit still and listen.

Watch It Sparkle is meant as a sound cycle. I took in Watch It Sparkle on a hiking trip and well, I thought I had done some mushrooms after the third rotation through the record. It’s part Gregorian and part Tibetan monk chat. Thoroughly enjoyable and disturbing. Something we should all expect from music from time to time.

“Not Again” – Thievery Corporation on molly.

“Civilization” – Monks just discovered electricity and had a rave.

“Watch It Sparkle” – Let’s do acid and make a PSA about getting more exercise.

“Conspiracy” – Let’s do ecstasy in the Highlands.

“I’ll Be On Your Side” – Robert Plant just got here and he’s with an octopus who plays keyboards.

“Just Another Good Day” – You’ve just died and it’s the heaven you wanted to go to without all of the stuck up religious people. And there’s a huge bar.

dsfečo Members/Instruments:
Music & lyrics by dsfečo: Computer assisted synthesis and composition; accordion, recorder, ocarinas, miscellaneous found sound sources.
Production: dsfečo. Mastered by Carl Saff, Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL.

Watch It Sparkle Tracklisting:
Not Again
Watch It Sparkle
I’ll Be On Your Side
Just Another Good Day