Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Will Blow Your Snuggie® Back

Lisa Waugh

Kevin Seaman turned his obsession with his zebra patterned Snuggie® into a popular live performance and launched a character that is hypnotically fantastic like an acid trip to a Michael’s craft store. Parts Martha Graham, Dr. Seuss and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dr. Zebrovski is like nothing you’ve ever seen.Unless you live next door to Seaman. Pun intended?

Dr. Zebrovski (Photo: Kevin Seaman)

I spoke with Seaman from his home in the Bay area about his upcoming show Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER (so magnetic, it needs all caps), a live dance, performance ritual that will explore commercialism and the occult using humor as its driving force. See, this is how Seaman’s mind works and it’s awesome.

“A lot of people don’t really get the arts such as dance or queer art and Dr. Zebrovski is one of those ways to include people in the experience,” Seaman says. He developed the Russian psychic character from a spark of an idea and his favorite plush loungewear.

“I had this zebra patterned Snuggie® and I was obsessed with it. I had been playing around with different ideas surrounding dance, the flow of the fabric and from that, this character with a Russian accent emerged.”

His nearly 30,000 combined hits on YouTube show that people are clearly mesmerized by the character. In one such video, Dr. Zebrovski performs a public exorcism of The White Lady of Stow Lake. As he gulps chardonnay, chants and sways, Seaman engages his participants and audience with relish and fearlessness.

Dr. Zebrovski’s sample reel gives you a pretty solid idea of the humor and improvisational dance Seaman employs to entertainment his audiences.

For his HOUR OF POWER show which focuses on American commercials and infomercials to conjure Dr. Zebrovski’s chilling and hilarious predictions, Seaman turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to mount the live show at The Garage in San Francisco.

“I decided to utilized Kickstarter because of its impact and success rate. There’s also more of an urgency with the ‘raise or lose it factor.’ People trust this fundraising platform. I like it because it’s connected on many levels between my website and social media. People can quickly get a sense of the project, me and what we’re trying to accomplish, “ Seaman says.

Seaman doesn’t mind the deep end of art (Photo: Kevin Seaman)

His need for funds is based in his desire to pay the people who are helping him mount Dr. Zebrovski’HOUR of POWER as well as venue and rehearsal rental fees. He is also joined by special guests Maryann Farnaz Rostami and Baruch Porras-Hernandez.

“The show is a lot of fun but it’s a lot of work and I want to pay people for their time. Plus, I need funding for the space. Kickstarter contributors help me do that.”

Seaman is seeking $2,225 and has raised $1,830. He’s 78% funded with six days to go. If you would like to donate to Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER, please visit Seaman’s Kickstarter page right here.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, please do stop by and check out Seaman in all of his psychic Snuggie® glory. You can get tickets for the show at Brown Paper Tickets.

Chances are, Dr. Zebrovski already knows you’re coming.


UPDATE: Kevin Seaman not only reached his Kickstarter goal, he surpassed it. Now he can read your mind wrinkles live.