Direct Divide’s ‘Abduction’ Highlights U.S. Tour

Direct Divide is out on an extensive U.S. tour and their latest single “Abduction” is an excellent example of their unique classical-driven modern sound. Orchestral cinema rock blasting from stacks of Peaveys as a violin peels through the night? You bet.

This is why Direct Divide has been picking up speed and grabbing fans all over the country. There’s something irresistibly unique about the Seattle-based group’s sound.Direct_Divide_Mucha_Poster

The band’s music is another example of how artists today are not concerned with labels. Blending genres, classical and modern instruments and approaching music with an open mind, Direct Divide devotes time to teaching upcoming artists that Beethoven was the Drake of his day. And that there is always room for a violin solo at a rock concert.

The band’s love for the classics as well as pop and rock gave them an opportunity to combine their influences and to demonstrate to fans that they practice what they preach.

They describe themselves:

If Lindsay Sterling played Vivaldi with a rock violin strapped to her shoulder, amplified with ferocity through a guitar amp, sang with a tone of Natalie Merchant and edge of Pat Benatar over classically influenced piano and a modern hard-rock band, you would have Direct Divide.

The moody blues have never sounded so rockish as Direct Divide embarks on the next leg of their permanent tour across the U.S. and seeing them live is what it’s all about. See the tour schedule below. And also check out more dates at their official site.

In the meantime, give “Abduction” a listen and enjoy the head-on collision between classical and rock. You’ll love the sound of the explosion.

Direct Divide Members/Instruments:
Razz – Violin/Vocals
Kevin Proctor – Guitar/Keyboards
Valdemar Huguet – Drums

“Abduction” Single:
Music by Direct Divide
Lyrics by Razz
All instruments recorded by Kevin Proctor at Ex’pression College
Produced by Steven Ricks and Direct Divide
Piano composed and performed by Dashiell Worfolk (San Francisco band Sea Lioness)
Cello performed by Hector Ortiz (Los Angeles band the Mulis)
Mixing by Kevin Proctor on mobile mixing rig in Las Vegas, NV
Mastering by Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering in Los Angeles,CA

Current tour dates are below:

● 10.26 New York City, NY – Fontana’s
● 10.29 Southbridge, MA – The Cannery
● 11.1 Newburgh, NY – Ritz Theater
● 11.3 Columbus, OH – Woodlands Tavern
● 11.5 Indianapolis, IN – Melody Inn
● 11.6 Fort Wayne, IN – Berlin Music Pub
● 11.7 Lake Villa, IL – Swing State
● 11.8 Harrisburg, SD – Phoenix Lounge
● 11.10 Salt Lake City, UT – Piper’s Irish Pub
● 11.11 Jerome, ID – Diamondz
● 11.13 Bend, OR – Volcanic Theater Pub
● 11.15 Portland, OR – Tillicum