Dimestore Prophets ‘Be Yourself’ Is the Best Advice

Who doesn’t like to feel good? So if you’re down to feel good right now, I recommend Dimestore Prophet’s latest record Be Yourself.

Dimestore Prophets are a three piece – Ray Glover, John Wilson and Eric Groff – hails from Washington, D.C., a place that has been producing good underground music for decades.

Thanks to Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways on HBO, now everyone knows that.

Dimestore Prophets are Ray Glover, John Wilson and Eric Groff

Dimestore Prophets are Ray Glover, John Wilson and Eric Groff

This D.C. band is known for a soulful rock groove infused with reggae. You hear Sublime, Bob Marley and some of the Blow Fish in DSP. What? I loved that band.

All of those flavors makes for a really good record.

Be Yourself doesn’t seem to be out to take on heavy every day shit, rather it offers a break from it.

Although “Draw for Love” does make us think about how we should reasonable approach conflict in a relationship, it’s still very easy and relaxed about doling out this advice. The polar opposite of the Gone Girl approach.

Be Yourself is an infectious album that is best absorbed with your favorite beverage or any other items you use to relax. I will recommend this record to my friend who is always looking for relaxing music to wax her surfboard to.

That is not a euphemism. She waxes her surfboard…a lot.

Seriously, check out Dimestore Prophet’s Be Yourself. It’ll make you happy. And there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Dimestore Prophet s Members/Instruments:
Ray Glover: Vocals, Guitar
John Wilson: Drums
Eric Groff: Bass

Be Yourself Production: Ben Smith
Studio: Synergy Productions Seattle Wa.
Mixed: Ben Smith, Jason Shavey and Mark Trutanich 2nd Engineer: Sean Walker

Be Yourself Tracklisting:
1- Be Yourself
2- Hey Darlin’
3- Our Story
4- Good Lovin’
5- Draw For Love
6- Sunny Day

“Be Yourself”