[debut]’s ‘Postcards From Berlin’ Sends an Intimate Message

Epic… it’s the best word to describe [debut]’s latest Postcards From Berlin. The record is a score to a sweeping, alt rock, electronic mini-film of the mind and from the brain stem of Gareth Thomas. The tracks throb with ethereal darkness and longing. Gorgeous, haunted and very much conjuring up a specific slice of Berlin’s history.debut 4

And there’s a reason that Postcards From Berlin sounds so much like city in the late 80s and why it’s a time traveling piece to now. It was partially recorded at the famed Hansa Meistersaal studio where U2 recorded Achtung Baby in Studio 2 just as the Berlin Wall was coming down. [debut] also recorded at UFO Sound Studios (IAMX) in Berlin.

The intricate melodies on Postcards From Berlin give way to intimate and swirling undertones. The result is lush and expansive, emoting tones of the most orchestral side of Queen and Depeche Mode.

It’s not an accident that [debut] sounds so cinematic either. The band’s music naturally brings a robust quality to many film and TV projects. Several tracks from previous records, 2006’s Soaked and 2010’s Set to Zero, have served as scores. Lead single “More Than This” demonstrates [debut]’s visual landscaping abilities.debut 2

[debut] will remind new listeners of Depeche Mode and that’s no accident either. Their first single, “Starting to Love It,” featured drummer Christian Eigner and the music video was a hit on Depeche Mode’s social media channels.

As for that nearly-operatic feel of Postcards From Berlin, it’s important to know that [debut] are comprised of many artists who contribute from their own unique styles, blended and lead by Thomas. He describes [debut] as “more than a band. It’s a music and art collective with an ever-changing cast.” And what a cast it is.

[debut]’s special appearances on Postcards From Berlin:
Cyd Claire
Angela Bartys
Sammi Doll

Produced by Gareth Thomas. Engineered by Fabian G. Knof at Hansa Meistersaal and UFO Sound Studios, Berlin. Mixed by Alvin Wee at Westside Pacific Studios, Los Angeles.

Postcards From Berlin Tracklisting:

1. Not The One
2. More Than This
3. Low
4. Want
5. Here Tonight
6. Come Around
7. Open Your Soul
8. Everyday I Love You More
9. Passion

“Sweet Little Girl”

Styles: alternative, rock, electronic