David Tennant and Olivia Colman Shine in ‘Broadchurch’

If you’ve been wondering what your favorite 10thDoctor has been up to, well, this is it. David Tennant, who winds up his native Scottish accent, plays the lead inspector (DI Alex Hardy) in a child murder case in the sleepy seaside village of Broadchurch (shot in Somerset).

Oh and Rory (Arthur Darvill) is in it!

His troubled, sour-faced cop is a departure from the zippy, wacky yet sexy Dr. Who we all came to love so much. He plays alongside the brilliant Olivia Colman (you have to see her in I Give It a Year as a over it marriage counselor) as DS Ellie Miller, the local authority who knows everybody and who was about to be promoted when Hardy sweeps in and takes her promotion and sense of hometown security.

To make matters worse, she has to answer to the new wanker who hates the town and everyone in it.

Hardy is looking for redemption having blown his last child murder case while also having weird “spells.” He summons his doctor and they have a cryptic talk about the past and whatnot while the local rag teams up with an errant major newspaperwoman to thwart Hardy’s investigation.

The plot is the usual reluctant buddy cop on one level but the execution from a stellar cast makes Broadchurch highly consumable. I came to see the Doctor but stayed for a good time.

Available now on iTunes or your local station if you re British or have BBC America.