David Chang Noodle Bro

If you had of told me that people would watch people cook and eat food on TV in droves, I would have laughed as hard that time you told me that people would buy water. What is not so funny is that I never sold my screenplay about a chef in the wayback of 2000 because people didn’t think that a movie about a guy who cooks shit sells.

David Chang is probably who I was thinking about when I wrote Knuckle Sandwich. He looks Korean, he was born in Virginia and he cooks like a hip-hop producer makes hip-hop tracks.

His storied Momofuku restaurants showcase his special bent on Korean, French and Americana food. His Momofuku Ko grabbed up two Michelin stars in 2009 and has managed to hang onto them.

So the series I’ve been watching on Chang has been very interesting. David Chang’s The Mind of a Chef, produced and narrated by Anthony Bourdain, is very watchable.

Chang’s bro style and his congenial connections to food and beverage artisans while also creating dishes alongside the rising stars of the culinary trade makes this a nice little food romp.

Definitely a must check on in the streaming realm.