Darrin James Band Drops the Bomb With Two New Tracks

If you like your messages with an Afrobeat, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy Darrin James Band’s  latest singles, “Bomb’s Away” and “Covert Mission Anthem.” James gets right to it, calling out the government for picking the lowest of roads from Hiroshima to un-maned drones. He derides the government for its brutal force all the while employing an awesome rhythm.

“Bomb Away” bounces and squawks in a such a way that you have to stop down to remind yourself that James is calling some fools out. I’m talking to you, punks…as I move that ass.darrin-james-album-cover

The second single from James’ latest launch from his Ravine Records is the instrumental “Covert Mission Anthem” And it’s just as juicy and infectious as “Bombs Away.”

Perhaps it was the long path James took to get here that is most inspiring.

James hails from Kentucky but has spent quite a lot of time in the best musical haunts of NYC before returning to his native Detroit. He’s brought along all of the best flavors of bluegrass, Motown and Coltrane-musing New York jazz and rock.

Both tracks are Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis doing some war score joints over at Basquiat’s painting loft. Finger pointing, country shaming and solid beats.

Darrin James Band Members/Instruments:
Produced by Darrin James
Music and Lyrics by Darrin James
Darrin James: Guitars, Keys, Vocals
David Johnsen: Bass
Dan Piccolo: Drums and Percussion on “Bombs Away”
Phil Kester: Drums on “Covert Mission Anthem”
Dan Bennett: Bari and Tenor Sax
Tim Haldeman: Tenor Sax
Ingrid Racine: Trumpet on “Bombs Away”
Ross Huff: Trumpet on “Covert Mission Anthem”
Heather Schwartz: Backing Vocals
Brittany Willis: Backing Vocals

Recorded By Darrin James, Mixed and Mastered By Hernan Santiago at La Sala Studios and MEtaphonic Sound (NYC)

1) Bombs Away
2) Covert Mission Anthem