Danophone: Rerun

By Antiem Boyd

Danish science journalist Carsten Nielsen needed an outlet for his musical side and Danophone is that voice. His record Rerun captures the habit of repeating mistakes. Possibly this is a therapeutic record to listen to as one prepares to purge some demons, habits, or to declutter, emotionally or literally. Or Rerun is perfectly fine for a ride through the hills or some sweeping vista somewhere.

The record feels personal, yet Nielsen has captured that universal connection. This is never as simple as it sounds. Crafting relatable music without falling down your own well is a struggle. Danophone makes it look effortless.

Nielsen’s voice is reminiscent of Springsteen and the record sounds like a well lit and photographed road trip across America, although Nielsen’s native Denmark is a nice twist. Listen to “Copenhagen Club” or “Turn Blue” for example. Or any song on the record, really. There’s also a touch of Lyle Lovett on the edges of Nielsen’s voice.

Nielsen is joined on Rerun by fellow journalist Tino Pedersen. The two have known each other since they were teenagers when they were in other bands. Bertil Bille fills out the trio, adding his experience to drums, the jazz touches, mixing, and mastering. The result feels like a well worn vintage leather couch tucked away in some peaceful corner.

Rerun takes 11 tracks to wind through its chapters where the listener might meditate or chuckle with empathy.  Reactions may vary, depending upon your own reruns. Whatever your intended destination, fill your mug, sit on the back porch, and go with it.


Carsten Nielsen – Vocals, guitars, bass, keys, sax
Bertil Bille – Drums, cajon, percussion
Tino Pedersen – Background vocals, guitars, bass

Carsten Nielsen and Elias Bille

1. Frightened For
2. Meet in the Middle
3. Copenhagen Club
4. Nation of Two
5. City of the Kings
6. Arrested
7. Rerun
8. Turn Blue
9. Written in the Sand
10. Real
11. The Whole Truth