Daniel Grinberg’s Short Stories

By Lisa Waugh

This is Daniel Grinberg’s day job. Before he returned to music, his day job was running a tech company and developing AR and AI. His music is a way to show the more emotional side of his creativity. And a way to ponder the inter workings of life’s meaning. His record Short Stories is a soothing blend of melodies designed by Grinberg and brought to life by Alex, Aveva Dese and Yoav Arbel. The record is well crafted and a sure thing for those own prefer some weight to their acoustic pop and rock.
Short Stories is exactly that in the truest sense. Tales of love, loss, and just how much time we get to spend on this earth run through the soulful album. Grinberg manages to capture those life questions without being dour, though. Pondering life need not be a bummer.

Quite the opposite. There may be a starkness in tracks such as “80 Years” but Griner’s lyrics and melodies make facing troubling thoughts heartening. The whole of the album embraces the light and the darkness with an overall comforting effect.

Short Stories shines because of its deepness.

Daniel Grinberg – Guitars, keyboards
Maor Swartzberg – Guitars, keyboards, bass guitar
Tal Tamari – Drums, percussion
Yoav Arbel – Drums

Featuring: Alex, Aveva Dese and Yoav Arbel

Production: Maor Scwartzberg

1. 80 Years
2. Rivers
3. Hey You
4. White Fields
5. The Forest
6. House of Dreams
7. Back Home
8. Old Town
9. Beyond
10. Michaela
11. Thanks
12. You Give Me