D.G. Adams: Vegas

By David Maxe

D.G. Adams had the same reaction millions did around the world when a terrorist opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers on Oct. 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. Nearly 60 were killed and 546 injured. Adams decided to use his platform as a way to raise money for the victims and families of the shooting as well as highlight a glaring issue.

His song “Vegas” captures his take on what should be done to aid those who were affected by the mass attack as well as how politicians bow down to the powerful gun lobby.

Adams, who is also an actor, has never been shy about voicing his opinion on controversial topics. He sees it as his job to address what’s happening in the world. He can also write a romantic ballad or foot stomper, too. His approach has always been thoughtful, though. He doesn’t seek to overreach or grandstand. Adams can put down a strong message without any of that.

*All proceeds from “Vegas” will go to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and their families #VegasStrong

Terror from the 32nd floor
Still don’t know what he was fighting for
But his automatic weapon left 60 people dead
Just can’t imagine the hatred in his head

Vegas strip where the lights shine bright
So many lights have gone out tonight
Vega strip where the money flows
Send some of that money to the orphans and the widows
Vegas, Vegas, Vegas
Where the lights shine bright
So many lights have gone out tonight

Terror has no colour or nationality
Guns have no conscience
That’s left up to you and me
How many more will fall dead in the street
Before the politicians
Stand up to the gun elite?