D.G. Adams: The Old Heart

By Stephen Chow

D.G. Adams is clearly having a good time making music. His latest record The Old Heart vibrates with his special and smooth brand of sarcasm, mirth, and pithiness. I get the feeling Adams is a professional smart ass. His wit in on full display throughout the whole of The Old Heart.

I think Adams should also start his own pirate church. He’s got a commanding presence in the music. And he’s got one of those voices that would instruct people to ludicrous things and they’d do them. Plus, he’s a trained actor who’s not only done film and TV, he’s a Shakespearean actor and teacher. Come on! He’s got the chops.

Also, before I even looked at his press pictures, I wrote about the church thing. So imagine my surprise when I spotted Mr. Adams himself sitting right there in a cathedral!

He can get serious, though. His track “Mother” is proof. It’s a heart cracker. My two favorites are “Mafia Princess” and “Fuck Life and Fuck the World.” The former because it’s a strange and gritty lullaby almost. The former because that’s the kind of song I’d blast. And I have.

I like the cut of his jib and think you should check out The Old Heart for yourself. I also think Adams should give serious consideration to that pirate church. He’s from Canada. They do stuff like that without batting an eye.


D.G Adams: Songwriter, lead vocals acoustic guitar
Aline Bobbin: Violin
Torquil Campbell: Background vocals, keyboards
Alexi Johnson: Background vocal
D. Jeremy Price Jones: Electric and acoustic guitars
Lucas Marincelj: Bass, mandolin, background vocal
Kaj Falch-Nielsen: Acoustic guitar
Karina Pry: Acoustic piano, organ, keyboards, background vocals
Edward Whelan: Tambourine
Shane Wilson: Drums

Produced by Torquil Campbell for Jump Attack Records


1. This Song Is Not True
2. The World Closes In
3. Fuck Life and Fuck the World
4. Disposable Friends
5. La Terraza
6. Stallion Man
7. Mafia Princess
8. Mother
9. Walking
10. The Old Heart