‘Cold Blue Water’ Is Your New Yoga

You know what they say…good music never goes out of style. So if you’re in need of a blues rock jam fix and you’ve misplaced your Allman Bros records, head over to Soundcloud and give Cold Blue Water a listen. Excellent and just the right vibe for this crisp Friday night by the fire pit in the backyard.

Dude. So good.

Andy Bs of Clear Blue Water

Andy Bs of Cold Blue Water

There’s a reason for that Southern seasoning in Cold Blue Water’s self-titled record. “In late 2013, CBW went into the studio with Doors drummer TY Dennis, bassist Brad Cummings and Hammond B3 legend Mike Finnigan.

Other special guests include Duane Betts and Pedro Arevalo (Dickey Betts & Great Southern) as well as some of Northern California’s best rock and blues musicians.”

I can hear my native Southern home calling in between the blues vocals and guitar wails from this stone cold awesome Eureka, California band. I don’t know about you but there is nothing like that sound – it’s instantly calming.

Coming home after a long day to a whisky-soaked night of Cold Blue Water is probably better for your soul than pilates or yoga.

I see your downward dog and raise...my glass to Cold Blue Water Photo: samirdave.com

I see your downward dog and raise…my glass to Cold Blue Water
Photo: samirdave.com

I love the shit out of every track but my favorite has to be “So High.” Just because that’s a favorite pastime around here but because it’s jam session gold. “Blue Rain” is such a good ride, I can see Jimi Hendrix.

“Catfish Blooz” and “Led Boots” are excellent tracks. Great for popping your fedored-head too. Excellent sax riffs skipping through your brain.

“Da Doodle” takes you on home with delicious trumpet and keyboards. It’s fine way to close out what is one of the best jam albums I’ve heard in a good damn long time. Get Cold Blue Water ready for when that whistle blows and see how your day winds up.

You can use that yoga mat to keep your weed dry.

Cold Blue Water:

Andy Bs – Guitar, vocals
Ty Dennis – Drums
Brad Cummings – Bass,
Brian Swislow – Keyboards and Hammond organ
Don Hammerstedt – Trumpet
Russ Thallheimer – Sax

recorded at Greene Room studios Van Nuys Ca
self produced

Cold Blue Water Tracklisting:

Catfish Blooz
Da Doodle
So High
Led Boots
Blue Rain

CBW Known for:
Jamming with the greats such as the people mentioned above as well as Ray Manzarek and Doors of the 21 Century
Opening for Everyone Orchestra with Steve Knocks