Clocks & Clouds Create Beautiful Menace

Probably the first time I’ve seen the tags “violin” and “dubstep” in the same box but Clocks & Clouds manages to pull it off. Even though rock has been making these unholy alliances for a while with the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Queen, Clocks & Clouds makes you feel all the feelings, man.

Clocks & Clouds: Lucas Shogren, Stephanie Shogren and Derek Powers

Clocks & Clouds: Lucas Shogren, Stephanie Shogren and Derek Powers

This three-piece out of Minneapolis brings a Mozart meets Skrillex cinematic sound dramatically to life where one can feel it in their reproductive organs. Seriously.

I feel as though I’m hearing a Penny Dreadful episode without all of the murder. Cobblestones, alleyways, amazing feats by unusual creatures…it’s all possible with this band.

And this is just what Clocks & Clouds does, pull you in. Adding Clouds & Clouds’ new single “Aliantha” to your work-out mix would do your body – and ears – good.

The full album The Creation of Matter is a must listen. I keep it on for bike riding, road tripping, gin drinking and atmosphere creating.

Besides scoring films and producing albums, Clocks & Clouds dedicates their time to music education. Weaving classical, rock and techno is a huge draw for students. The band feel that music is a huge part of a child’s future and they contribute their special brand of influence to students and teachers alike.

Clocks & Clouds strive to help kids rock out whether they are playing a Beatles cover or a Beethoven symphony.

Unexpected and gorgeous, Clocks & Clouds’ The Creation of Matter is all at once flowing, tense, beautifully menacing as each track contributes to a vivid landscape.

Clocks & Clouds “Adeaumus”