Chrystyna Marie’s Loaded Gun

By Antiem Boyd

In a nutshell: Soulful, wide range, strong, radio-ready

chrystyna-marieChrystyna Marie has been sought out by labels, but finds the creative process is much more freeing when staying put as an independent. This serves her well as her latest EP, Loaded Gun, has a chance to show off her blues, the title track, as well as her pop country range with “Down the Road.” It’s also an opportunity to stretch her wings on a pop track “No More” and close out with a decidedly dreamy radio-ready pop, light rock ballad “The Tower.”

Impressive for an artist who could have jumped on board with a large label and been chained to that rock. And proof that indie is many times the best way to go, seeing as how it opens the road to play all of the notes, not just a few.

“Breath is life, and life is music. I wanted to create music from personal experiences and true emotions. Something the everyday person can relate to and build strength from having been exposed to it. With a raw and gritty feel to emulate these experiences and emotions.” – Chrystyna Marie

Bill Bell – producer/engineer/mixing
Phil Demetro (Lacquer Channel Mastering) – Mastering

1) Loaded Gun
2) Down The Road
3) No More
4) The Tower