Christina Rubino: Godspeed & Guns

By Stephanie Towne

What if Thelma and Louise went on a full blown killing spree, gleefully dispatching their victims? Hey, I’d watch an entire feature film of that. Good news. Christina Rubino’s highly entertaining “Godspeed & Guns” has done that for you.

The video, directed by Frankie Nasso, is a wild ride through Rubino’s wicked and twisted mind where dudes up to no good, get their’s. Such a good time.
Who doesn’t love a song you can’t get out of your head and a video that takes you on a devilish journey.

Rubino as Christina and partner in crime Dolores Rubino as Dolores cut a bloody, headless swath across America, getting their revenge on one sumbitch after another. Wait for that little twist at the end. Clever.

Christina Rubino – Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Phillips (Burlap To Cashmere) – Spanish Guitars
Jerry Farley: Percussion, Bass
Eli Maurer: Trumpets

Production: Jerry Farley/Nova Entertainment Group

Lyrics: Joe Consoli