Chords of Truth: Let Your Mind Go and Your Body Will Follow

Jason Garriotte of Chords of Truth

Lisa Waugh

Jason Garriotte of Chords of Truth wants to share a message with you. Open up your mind, seek the truth, you have a purpose and there is no difference between “Pop or Soda.” He’s so dedicated to this message that he’s opened himself up to a large variety of talented artists and producers to remix his acoustic album, Reflections of Reality. Chords of Truth are comprised of Garriotte, his mind-expanding lyrics and 14 producers with their own vision of that album.

The result is Reflections of Reality (Remixed Double LP) and it’s rather hypnotic. It’s like if Dr. Who and popular European electronic artist Paul Kalkbrenner had a love child. Yeah. It’s exactly like that. Garriotte is a deep thinker and his lyrics ponder the universe around him and stuff like, “Why we are here?”

Sample of lyrics from Listen:

The Earth is fine it’s been there a long time

Now experts claim we are crossing a line

Between our lives and all of future kind

The precise cause they strain to define

There are the chemicals, clean water & C02

But see how far we’ve come through

Scientific breakthroughs

We live today like the kings & queens of past

Yet most complain until they draw their last breath

Into the Breach of Folktronica Thinkingness

Garriotte’s web site and publicity photos make him come off like that guy who drove you to the Dead concert but studied calc in the parking lot while you traded grilled cheese sandwiches for acid. He’s very… normal looking. White bread in fact. With his middle of the road “fashion” and sincerity, it’s hard to imagine him throwing in with the odd thinkers of electronica. But it also makes perfect sense.

Producer Jeffrey Joslin

Garriotte’s music is popular with many mindsets and ages because he’s hitting that space between left, right and even the middle. But he’s no snotty nerd denying you use of the toilet in his comic book shop. He’s also got some pretty inspired-while-high tunes; “Pop or Soda” and “When I Was Wasted” are worth a listen. Both will screw with you, straight or otherwise.

I play both albums for an electronica-loving friend. Gerhde likes the remix but finds Garriotte’s voice too “monochrome” and wishes that Chords of Truth got a little more truth in the voice pitch department. I know. He used the word “monochrome.”

You have to kind of work out the meaning of Gerhde’s words because his parents were Mods and I haven’t seen his right eye in eight years since he turned Super Nerd Goth Hipster Trucker and grew those Japanese bangs. But he’s turned me onto some lovely shit so I trust him.

I did notice that he downloaded Reflections of Reality Remixed and had it playing in his car as he pulled away. Gerhde is not trying to please me. That would not be cricket in his book. He’s not special either. People like what they like. I like this time and space where genres are not a thing anymore and you can dip your folk in your electronica as fine as you please.

Watch the video “Tune Your Mind,” (the Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix) and you’ll get a sense of the trip Garriotte has volunteered for. I say “video” but it looks like if the kids at Microsoft started doing hash just before the Team Building Friday meet-up.

What I’m left with is a kind of nostalgic sense that Garriotte is some reclusive poet in his 80’s and a bunch of well-read artists dug out his tomes and made the work come alive. It makes a nice story but the truth is cooler. Garriotte threw himself out there and was fearless. The result… his audience has expanded.

Mastered by Jeffrey Joslin, the Remix Producers Are:

David Andersen

Jean-Baptisté Bourgois

Sidney Bostwick

Vince Gauthier

Avraam Georgiadis

Joshua Gleissner

Niklas Großwald

Jean-Pierre Jaffré

Brandowitsch Kreativschmiede

Stephen McNally

Mike Ryder

David Thomas Smith

Pierre Vergeat

Cas Weinbren


Sounds like: Geddy Lee piloting the Tardis through the space-time continuum.


I’d listen to:

Tune Your Mind (Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix)

Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix)

The Power to Be Alive (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix) Ft. Man-u-iLL

The Power to Be Alive (The LORDBRET Progressive Remix)

Listen (Corroded Master Industrial Remix)

Pop or Soda (Oraku Indie Remix)