Chords of Truth Dreams

By Antiem Boyd
Jason Garriotte’s Chords of Truth is forever turning out ambitious projects. His latest single is no different. Garriotte partnered with producer Jef Joslin and engineer Graham Walks to craft the brooding and wise “Dreams.”

The track stays with you long after the listen. Garriotte has that knack. His Gordon Lightfoot approach to songmaking creates this air of fresh nostalgia. Is that a thing? It should. The new again phenomenon should be embraced. It’s not an update. Chords of Truth has refined acoustic folk once again.

Garriotte can impart wisdom, make you feel incredibly sad, but then yank those feelings right out from under you. And efore you know it, you’ve learned something about yourself. That’s not a hat trick. That’s excellent songwriting.

Life is full of endless dreams
with potential to come true
but not without attention
from you

Members / Instruments:
Jason Garriotte
Jef Joslin – Producer, Piano, bg Vocals
Rob Beaton – Mastering Engineer
Graham Waks – Recording Engineer
Cover Art – Jen Thayer