Chloe Baker’s Bitter’s Kiss, a Stunning Debut

Bitter’s Kiss

By Lisa Waugh June 30, 2015

Bitter's Kiss: Chloe Baker

Bitter’s Kiss: Chloe Baker

Chloe Baker learned her craft at home. In her father’s studio and through his experience as a singer/songwriter, producer and band member, Baker was inspired by his work but discovered a sound that is other worldly and all her own. Bitter’s Kiss is Baker’s stunning debut.

Bitter’s Kiss has a buoyancy as well as an incredible depth. Baker and her father Michael have crafted a brilliant record. There’s not a bad track on it.

Baker’s voice could be characterized as ethereal and elegantly controlled. Like Regina Spektor, she uses her voice to address complicated thoughts and emotions. It works. Her voice may feel light but Baker is no lightweight, though. She knows how to convey a message with a universal filter. While Baker’s songs are deeply personal, she allows room for the listener to take in the song as their own. No small feat for an artist so young.

Stand out tracks are “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” “Already Gone” and “The Rope” but every track is nearly perfect. The production on Bitter’s Kiss is superb.

We’re going to know this artist very well.

“The Rope”

Bitter’s Kiss Members / Instruments:
Chloe Baker: Vocals, guitar, piano
Michael Baker: Guitar, piano, bass, drums

Production: Michael Baker

Bitter’s Kiss Tracklisting:
1. Bitter’s Kiss
2. Waste of it All
3. Love Won’t Make You Cry
4. No One Will
5. The Rope
6. Lovin’ Life
7. Already Gone
8. Too Far Too Fast