Chickenpox Party

By R.B. Sloane
Come, children. Get the blues and the chickenpox from this freakishly talented band out of Mississippi. Besides having their name entered into our best band name of the year office pool, Chickenpox Party wins for respectfully representing the blues… Delta and otherwise. They accomplish this mostly with stellar lyrics ninja skills and supreme guitarness.

Chickenpox Party is also not afraid to bring the rock. The record definitely knows the back roads to this part of the genre. There’s just enough rough and gritty to conjure the band’s roots. There’s enough polish to take them seriously.

Did I mention that this is their debut record? Impressive. The Scabby the Clown intro? Delightful. Mississippi Delta blues with a sense of humor? Got you covered. Want a tune to rock out to right this very minute? “Dumbentia” would probably do it. Just blocked the hell out of someone on social media? “Fair Weathered Friend” pairs nicely with a vodka on the rocks. And you can’t go wrong with old school rock tune “Blues for Jesus.” That’s a t-shirt or a tattoo if ever I saw one.

Chickenpox Party has crafted a fully formed anthem, blues, and rock record. All you have to do is embrace your inner Scabby the Clown.

Members / Instruments:
Greg Smith – Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter
Brodie Davis – Drums (player and builder)
Joey Jones – Bass (on the album), Recording, Mixing, Production
Dustin Durr – Bass (live)

Album produced, engineered and mixed by Joey Jones at Aria Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA. Mastered by Rich Stratton at Red Tuxedo in Atlanta, GA.
(Additional Production Info)

Photos: Locked Illusions Photography

Chickenpox Party Tracklisting:
1. Scabby the Clown (Intro, featuring Ethan Gabriel Jack)
2. Dumbentia
3. In The Woods
4. Fair Weathered Friend
5. Ill Deliberation
6. Mamacita
7. Just the Same
8. Long Way Back
9. Blues For Jesus
10. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World (James Brown cover, licensed)
11. One More Nail
12. So Long