Charity Ekeke: She

By Stephanie Towne

If I’ve learned anything from the women in my life, it’s that they are made of steel and to misunderstand them is to miss the point of this life. Listening to Charity Ekeke’s She reminded me of that. The album is brimming with wit, wisdom, and truth. Ekeke lets in the air and the sunshine.

Also, Ekeke’s timing for She appears to be right on time as a few of the songs she wrote decades ago still apply to what’s happening today. As far as women have come, they are still repressed, controlled, overshadowed, discounted, and in many cases regarded as chattel. It’s difficult not to get discouraged, right? Well, Ekeke has a soulful retort to all of that.

She’s is a one-woman activist and soldier wrapped in the armor of a performer and she’s using her voice to fight, support, and rally and not just for women, but for society as a whole. Ekeke is also about having a good time while being all of that. We need that kind of hero.

“If the Roles Were Reversed”

Producer: Michael Hyde, Co-Producer 3 tracks: Barry Lee

1. If the Roles Were Reversed
2. Don’t Call Them
3. All I Know
4. He Takes All My Breath Away
5. Talk to Me
6. Bloodline
7. These Times
8. You Belong
9. Look At Me Now
10. I’ll Catch You If You Fall
11. She Bears