Chameleon Technology: Blank Canvas

By Shep Landers
Behold, Max Histrionic’s Chameleon Technology and the latest project Blank Canvas, a fun as hell breakneck immersive experience. It’s a record of anthems, screamed to perfection by Histrionic who sounds like a punk James Hetfield, especially on track “Self Repair.” Then he’s a kind of John Doe meets Brandon Boyd on “Blank Canvas.” It’s weird. It’s wonderful.

Overall the record is gorgeously punk. Well produced. Slick as well as raw. You can feel the one-man band that is Histrionic performing hardcore in the studio. And you just know ChamTech is a turbo of an experience live, ready to break free and wreak beautiful havoc upon the audience’s senses.

Blank Canvas is full of wit and whimsy, too with Histronic demonstrating just how much fun he’s having making this record. He can do all the things. And we’re having a blast right along with him.

“Blank Canvas”

Max Histrionic – Vocals, guitars, bass, drums

Richard Bredice
“Blank Canvas” track mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering


1. No Safe Word
2. Serin’s Vending
3. Lifestyle Science
4. Self Repair
5. Blank Canvas