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Dear Roni, A Letter to A Childhood Jerk

Dear Roni, You were awful. Just the worst. Even though you called me fat, and I was very fat and my mom made all of my clothes from Butterick patterns mostly in discounted sheer fabrics in the summer and rough crushed velvet in the winter, YOU were much fatter than me. But I never said […]

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The Haunting of the Rite Aid

by Lisa Waugh Scene 1: Lonny could not sleep. Ever since his wife took off for Biloxi on an all-girls gambling trip, he was restless. He mowed the lawn. Fixed some shit around the house. Cleaned out the bad part of the garage. Lonny did all of the crap his wife had wanted him to […]

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Why Uncle Lee Stole That Car

This set of letters is about my father’s large impoverished family and what drove my Uncle Lee, the oldest of 16 kids, to commit a crime. But first, you need to know a little bit about what led him there. I interviewed his ghost and he’s what he told me. My Uncle Lee was a […]

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