Camille Peruto: From the Sea to the Sky

By Stephen Chow

To say Camille Peruto is immensely talented is an understatement. Once you hear any one of her songs, it’s hard to accurately describe. I’ll try. Music radiates from Peruto’s pores it seems like. She’s also surrounded herself with equally talented musicians and music makers, creating a knockout of a record. From the Sea to the Sky is in a word… KAPOW to use the parlance of comic books.

Peruto’s voice is some magic we could all use. And we all need some magic right now, right? She makes it seem easy, but this kind of talent is just lying around. Peruto appeared on season 14 of American Idol and has been on a trajectory since. And she’s managed another feat…

From the Sea to the Sky is commercial without being one of those too-slick-for-it’s-own-good records. Quite the opposite. Peruto and company deliver some of the best pop music I’ve heard so far in 2017.

Download From the Sea to the Sky and listen. You’ll agree with me. Peruto is the real deal.

Eric Novod – Drums
Joe Parella – Guitar/Machine
Roshane Karunaratne – Piano/Keys
Erik Kase Romero – Bass
Camille Peruto – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Lakehouse Recording Studios (Asbury Park, NJ)
Produced & Engineered by Erik Kase Romero
Mixed & Mastered by Tim Pannella

Crooked Roads
Biscuit Moon
Can’t Get Away
Silent Melody
Let Go
The High Road
Crazy Crazy Mad
Set Up a Sail
Row Ghost