‘Burden’s Landing’ Is An Easy Feat for Winchester Revival

Winchester Revival’s EP Burden’s Landing is a superior effort. This hardworking Oakland band has pooled their influences to create a record that appeals to both indie and commercial music fans. Vividly written, well crafted and produced, Burden’s Landing is what making music is all about. There’s a fine balance between several genres with an astute blending of each band member’s expertise and talent.winchester_revival-burden

Winchester Revival makes post punk completely accessible without losing its edge or worldly vibe. There’s also a kind of Jefferson Airplane thing in there, especially in the vocals. Sometimes it feels like an R.E.M. thing as well with the harmonies.

The band’s extensive studio and road work are apparent throughout the EP. There’s an ease to the writing and performances that comes from experience. There’s also a finely tuned ear toward the track line-up.

“Last Night In Tokyo” is a commercial and lovely old rock meets new tune. “Ides of January” feels at times like the band’s native Oakland/San Francisco area. There’s something Cali about it at the very least.

“Diligence” feels like a radio song. Catchy but deep enough to have staying power. “Keep It Together” shimmers like a city that could very well be the one in Blade Runner. Ethereal and spacy. Good stuff. “Salamander” feels like another tempo and slight extension of “Keep It Together” but that’s not a bad thing. Maybe the song is another side of the same melody.

Burden’s Landing closes out with “Ice Water,” a satisfyingly thrummy track. We’ve been on a complete journey and it’s a nice ride. We can see the credits roll on a truly stellar project.

Winchester Revival Members/Instruments:

David Rosenheim: vocals, lyrics;
Andrew Lund: guitars, backing vocals
Ron Cruz: bass guitar
Kirk Snedeker: drums
Matt Glick: electronics
with guest Amanda Guilbeaux on backing vocals


Winchester Revival
Engineered and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, San Francisco
Record Label: King of Sticks
Distribution: The Orchard

Burden’s Landing Tracklisting:

1. Last Night In Tokyo
2. Ides of January
3. Diligence
4. Keep It Together
5. Salamander
6. Ice Water