Bryan Deister’s Spines of the Heart

By Antiem Boyd

Bryan Deister has brought all of the tools from his skillset and piled them on top of his influences for his latest project, Spines of the Heart. His classical training and deep study of pop, rock, and various shades of experimental all come to bear in a cathedral of an album. Spines of the Heart, in all of its 24 tracks, is as ambitious as it is thoughtful.

Deister is trained in jazz, classical, prog rock, blues, and modern music. He’s invested in every aspect of his music. He’s put in many hours as part of his writing and composition scholarship at the Berklee College of Music and the record reflects that. Truly, Spines of the Heart is stellar.

It evokes Radiohead, Bjork, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, and just a pinch of Bowie and Geddy Lee in the vocals. Just a pinch. Deister might not appreciate those comparisons as his work strives to supercede his influences, but that’s still excellent company.

There’s quiet power in the record. And it’s decidedly atmospheric, and richly dense. Deister obviously put a lot of himself into each track. As the final track fades out, we’ve been to church.

Music & Lyrics by Bryan Deister
Instrumentation by Bryan Deister
Vocals by Bryan Deister
Recorded and Mixed by Bryan Deister
Cover by Bryan Deister
Mastering by Bernie Grundman

Spines of the Heart Tracklisting:

1. All That I Have
2. Responding Well
3. In Her Eyes
4. Have You
5. Silent Screams
6. Approaching
7. Brighter Dawn
8. Into The Sky
9. Gone
10. Come
11. Today
12. Nobody Angel
13. Wait
14. Emily
15. What You Want
16. The Bread
17. Always Further
18. Seven Eight
19. Nothing More
20. Sure
21. Vacant Eyes
22. Apart Of Me