Broken Guru: ‘Bent Up Halo’ Is Finely Tuned Gritty Love

Broken Guru are native New Yorkers, of course, because that’s one of the places where gritty, honest, soulful music is made. Bent Up Halo is a refreshing blast of finely chopped songs you need in your life. Booming, humorous and oh so garagey, the record vibratest with true punk pioneer spirit with a twinge of rockabilly warp.05_Broken Guru_video_shot

The “I Don’t Give A Shit”ness of Bent Up Halo is exactly what makes it damn near perfect. The entire record has an almost nostalgic early Beatles quality mixed with a heavy dose of surfer trippiness. It’s hard to describe. It’s definitely a record to have to hear to understand. Ultimately, it’s magical.

Broken Guru’s direction has several components: deadly serious about their art, zero fucks about fame, and all about entertaining their listeners. It’s good to see that artists aren’t always about slick packaging and their image. In short, putting the music first has paid off for the band with the result being a knockout.

Standout tracks include “Got To Be Mean,” “Tryin,” and “My Universe.” But you really can’t got wrong with any track. But a favorite track is “Plight Of Imemine.” It’s all kinds of wonderful and the best way to kick off the album.

Once you listen to Bent Up Halo, you’ll find that there’s something divinely pure about Broken Guru. Excellent work, guys and lady.

Bent Up Halo Production:

Produced by Broken Guru
All songs written by Rich Guerzon
© Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved
Art Direction: Ray Fiero
All songs Recorded at Dreamland Studios
Engineered by Adam Armstrong except for
‘Gimme More’ and ’28 Cents’ Recorded at the Mix Palace
Engineered by Tom Douglas and
‘In the Clouds’ Recorded at A7 Studios

Engineered and Mixed by Rich Guerzon
All Songs Mixed by Michael Bona
Mastered by Leon Zervos

Bent Up Halo Tracklisting:

28 Cents
Monster Inside
Got to be Mean
Half Awake
Bent Up Halo
Behind the Mouth
My Universe
Gimme More
Like a Whore
In The Clouds

“Behind the Mouth”