A Box of Franzia, Me and You…

Blanche Légère answers your relationship questions

Hello, dear friends. I’m not a psychotherapist and I’m sure as hell not qualified to give advice, but I’ve been to a lot of therapy sessions… some of them even voluntarily. So go ahead and email me your questions at scallywagmagazine@gmail.com or simply click on our Contact Us page and fire away.

Nothing is too personal, weird or sad. Well, maybe some things are sad but we’ll do our best to give you unlicensed, hold harmless but golden advice. Because that’s the best kind.

To give you an idea of the questions I’ve received in my letter bag (that’s what I call my inbox and sometimes the sack I drink my Wild Irish Rose from) here are a view questions from our readers:

Dear Blanche,

My neighbor looks like the girl who stole my boyfriend. Is it wrong if I simply hate her for that reason? She seems like a nice person but just when I start to get over it, I’m reminded that she also looks like Anne Hathaway and I really hate that bitch. Should I play nice? — PrincessLaya72

Dear Blanche,

I think priests are hot in a kind of The Thorn Birds way. Is that wrong? — FatherGuidoSarducci

Dear Blanche,

I cannot achieve orgasm without grits. But my health insurance doesn’t cover the injuries. — P. Deen

I can assure that I will handle these types of questions with all of the care and kindness I have shown all of my cellmates.

Stay tuned…

— Blanche