Bitter’s Kiss Love Won’t Make You Cry

By Red Parker
Chloe Baker aka Bitter’s Kiss is having a well-deserved rocket ride after releasing her EP Love Won’t Make You Cry. Taking in Baker’s music is line mainlining sunshine. And it’s good to be here at the beginning of such a promising career. There’s no doubt that Baker, along with her father Michael Baker, has created something special. And it’s put Baker solidly on the map. Fans are jumping on board the Bitter’s Kiss train with each download.

There’s a reason for the gush. Baker is loaded with the triple threat of lyrics, melody, and a voice. It’s a voice that should not be written off as echoing a trend. Baker’s voice is as unique as a young Rickie Lee Jones and will hopefully age as gracefully. There’s an underground ‘70s tinge in the millennials’ style and intention. Maybe that’s just me reading into it.

Whatever is driving this force, the tracks on Love Won’t Make You Cry are hypnotic, uplifting, and surprisingly profound. I’m particularly fond of “My God.” And very fond of this young artist’s work.

BTW, when you get a chance, check out Baker’s cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” It’ll make your day.

“The Rope”

Chloe Baker: Vocals/guitar/piano
Michael Baker: Guitar/piano/bass/drums)

Production: Michael Baker


1. Bitter’s Kiss
2. Waste of it All
3. Love Won’t Make You Cry
4. No One Will
5. The Rope
6. Lovin’ Life
7. Already Gone
8. Too Far Too Fast