Billy Roberts Rides the Lonesome Trail but He’s Fine With That

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders have had a rough time of it in their native Australia where country music is sipped from smaller streams. Popular in pockets, old school country has found it difficult to grab ears Down Under but this doesn’t seem to faze Roberts and his band.

As an artist that is dedicated to being who he is, Roberts has found acceptance evasive but not the point of his artistry. To those who hasn’t heard his music yet, Robert says, “I would rather be more than I promised and less than I said. I don’t want to be someone I am not.”

On his new record The Last of the Originals, Robert seeks the ghosts of the old legends, their approval mattering over a less educated audience.

But Robert’s independent attitude has served him well. His music targets fans of Hank Williams Jr. and Neil Young with a sound that is best described as country rock with an infusion of folk blues. You can hear the revolutionary twang in the album’s undertow. Billy_roberts_texasimp

Stand out tracks on The Last of the Originals are “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Not That Special” where you can hear Roberts’ influences such as Pearl Jam Bruce Springsteen.

To be sure, Roberts has captured the spirit of the old west and the musical pioneers who made country the bedrock of the States. Surely Australian fans can recognize themselves in this frontier-induced genre. After all this is an entire continent that tells the rest of us to go fuck ourselves on the regular.

This almost punk attitude is where The Last of the Originals comes in. Billy Roberts and his Rough Riders are not going to be swayed from their road less traveled. And that’s just how most successful artists have arrived at their deserved destination.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders Members/Instruments:
Billy Anderson – piano
Ed Glass Drums
Roberts – Guitar, Vocs
Alex Quinn guitar on one track.

The Last of the Originals Production:
produced by Billy Anderson Nahville and Matt Springall